100% Natural Organic Noni Juice

Energy + Vitality
Clean body from toxins
Balance of the body functions
Improving all body systems 

Youth + Longevity
Health for Body and Soul

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My story

I'd like to share with you who I am and how I've discover at Noni.
My name is Irene Bergin, I have a MA degree in shipengineering, I'm a director of imports for many years and Personal Coach for fulfillment for the last ten years.
I've always loved everything about natural medicine, nutrition, supplements and vitamins. I've known about Noni juice for a long time, its healing properties, I've tried it, but with all the noni bought in I've not really felt a change.
I always knew this best Noni is the Noni grown in Hawaii and that it should be 100% pure fruit juice, not diluted.
I was always with chronic fatigue and a tendency to anemia. Two years ago, it broke hard - iron level in my blood was 19 (it should be 60-180), which is one-third minimum.
I was completely exhausted and without energy.
I took iron pills, vitamins, and nothing helped, then I remembered about Noni, I've tried the Noni Juice that can be achieved in Israel,
I've ordered from America Noni juice, but it's not that worked.

I kept searching, looking for 100% natural Noni juice from Hawaii and finally found an amazing experience in Hawaii, "Healing Noni", produces the most natural organic Noni juice .
I've ordered and started to use. Within two weeks I felt more energy and within two months I've not only returned back to myself - I've turned up to "Duracell".
My iron today is 132, I forget what it is tiredness and I've got much more than that - all systems works like a clock, improved hear and skin, look younger, youthful sense and nonstop compliments.
One day I said to myself : "That Noni juice is really good - I want to bring it to Israel in order Israeli people also could experience this Magic Noni."
Thus was born Project of Noni Juice import.
I went to the Ministry of Health, received permits and my Noni Juice here in Israel.


- You're in the right place!
    In this website you can know everything about noni juice and how it helps to improve your health and your emotional and mental condition.

With love,
Irene Bergin